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I want to thank yiou for visiting Noise Pollution DJ.  We're celebrating over 20 years of DJing, fun events, memorable receptions a great times.  We look forward to making your event as bug as you can dream.


Feel free to explore, ask questions and see if we are a match for you.  You are also invited to come see us at our next event.  Call us at



We handle all types of occasions.  Weddings, school dances, reunions, parties, picnics and even car shows.


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 Check to see if your date is available

• Choose the Package that you want

• Call Us at (260) 478-4567 to verify that your date is available and ask as many questions as you want.

• Download a Contract


Wedding Contract.pdf


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• Mail in your contract with $100 deposit.

• In about a week you'll receive a confirmation letter and a copy of your contract with our signature on it.




The meeting can be at your place, our place, or somewhere in between. You can either prepare ahead of time, or we’ll make it up as we go.  The reason we meet a month ahead instead of sooner is so that you have a clear sense of how your day will work.  It will happen really fast so this way you can prepare for it.

• Formal Dances (First Dance, Father Daughter, Mother Groom, Wedding Party)

• General Requests (10-15 Songs is a great sample)

• Not To Play Songs (Specific or Genre)

• A Simple Time Table or order of events

• List of other events, Dollar Dance/Dash, Bouquet and Garter.

• Toasts, confirm who are doing them, who needs help and how many.

• When do you want your DJ to end? Plan it now, so you know who needs to know.



Get plenty of sleep if you can.  Eat breakfast.  You will get very cranky if you’re hungry.

• Be sure your wedding party is aware of the timetable for the day.  Let them help you stick to it.  A late person in the wedding party makes an angry bride.

• Don’t let your guests wait a long time for you to arrive at your reception. A fashionably late entrances should be no more than 30 minutes.  Hungry guests get cranky too.

• It’s your party.  But it isn’t good etiquette to get smashed at your wedding reception – that was what the bachelor and bachelorette parties were for.

• You may pay the balance anytime that night.  We accept personal checks, credit cards and cash.  If you need an additional hour, please let us know within the last hour of our performance.



Below are dates of when we are, either currently booked or unavailable. We cannot double book a date. If you do not see your date, then we are available, please call us to confirm the date.  * call us 260-478-4567


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In case we’re not available.

NPDJ is a single system DJ, which means we have only one system that performs at a given time. Other DJs are multi system DJs and have more than one system and DJ that can perform on a given date.

Below are some DJs that we personally recommend.  If you are interested in a DJ, I recommend you try and visit that DJ personally either at a performance or in person.


For some tips on hiring a DJ click here.

Single System DJs

Tiny Tunes DJs


Multi System DJs

Quattro Systems

R&B Sound

I Do Crews DJ


I know several other DJs but I have not seen them perform, so it is difficult for me to suggest them.

20+ Years of History


Noise Pollution started in 1995 by Rob Jackson while attending Indiana University Bloomington. His simple goal was to do what he loves, to play great music for parties, receptions and reunions.

Rob worked for and watched other DJ's in the past, finding things that could be improved and made easier. His sense of humor and wittiness is fun and funny. He minored in Theatre at IU, and also worked music in an improv comedy troupe Full Frontal Comedy while at IUB.

After graduating from IU, Rob went to work for Federated Media in Fort Wayne. Federated Media owns Six total local Radio Stations; WMEE, K105fm, 1190 WOWO and ESPN Radio 1380 as well as 98.9 The Bear and 92.3 The Fort. Rob worked as a Assistant Production Director, making commercials for four of the radio stations.

Since Rob is self employed and operates the company, he takes pride in what he does, and really cares about who he plays for. A great personality, with high energy and a sense of humor, is always comfortable in front of people. Just talking to him on the phone will give you a sense of what Rob Jackson is all about. He wants you and your friends to have fun, and dance.

Rob left the radio station business to join the family business in Jackson Pest Management in 2001. His departure from radio hasn't brought him away from friends, he still is in a great working relationship with Charly Butcher from WOWO and Rick Hughes (Retired) from K105fm who also work as mobile DJs.

Second In Charge (SIC) is Jen Jackson. Jen graduated from North Side High School in 2000.  Jen graduated from IPFW Majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She has a Masters in Business from Indiana Tech. Jen is a full time mom to our daughter Celest and son RJ. She now works in the family business of Jackson Pest Management.






Our Music is hosted on a computer. We have triple backup of our music library in case anything has happened. We find that a computer is more reliable and faster than CDs.  In many cases with internet access on site, we are able to take unlimited types of requests.

Experience is the difference when you plan music. It’s like a radio station everyone can and would listen to. We tailor every event to who is there. Young, old, we get all.





It’s your DNA.  We always want your music tastes to add the flavor of your evening.   Some tips you should know are that people dance to what they know. Stay away from really obscure or offensive music it will alienate people and ruin a good evening.  It is your party but a great crowd warmer is the host. If people see you dancing, then they’ll dance too.

There are several websites that can help you find a particular song. Below is a list of sites that reflect what’s popular at todays receptions.

When choosing music for your slow dance, make sure it is something you can dance to.



Mobile Beat Top 200

Wedding Music USA






Keep In Mind


Times:  Weddings - Beginning & End

              Reception - Doors Open -

              Music Starts

Music:    15-18 Songs per hour.

              Compile a list of Not-to-Play

              A Great request list is 10-20 songs.

Floorplan: Don’t cram your entertainment out of the way. It’s also important you don’t seat people in front of a 2000 watt speaker system.

Smart tips at your event

• Keep them moving

• Happy music keeps things moving. Stay away from boring, slow or negative music.

• Dinner/Cocktail Music is probably the most important music you’ll want to decide. It established the mood even before the dancing begins. Personally we just stay away from saxophone music period.


Every event is different. That is why we want to meet with you to discus all the things you would like to see at your event. Music, announcements, games, drawings or whatever you want to make it happen.


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