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Hiring a DJ should be easy. Donwload a copy of the contract, and print this for your records. By filling out the form below, you agree to the terms of this contract. You will also receive a copy of the contract signed by Rob Jackson.

DJ Contract

1. Setup: NPDJ must be allowed to set-up at least 1 hour before we are to play music unless other arrangements are made. Our equipment cannot travel up stairs or any area that is not handicapped accessible. Wheelchair lifts, and chairlifts cannot be used to transport our equipment upstairs. NPDJ has the right to deny performing if the location is unsuitable. Our performance area must be adjacent to the dance floor/area with no obstructions. NPDJ does not need a table or chairs. NPDJ will not perform in inclement weather.

2. Power: We require at least (2) 115v electrical outlets that can withstand 20 amps each totaling 40 amps. (Separately circuited is required for full sound and lights.) The electrical outlets must be within 25 feet from the area we are to set up. Any extension cords extended to NPDJ’s Equipment mustbe UL approved, and rated to hold up to 20 amps of power each. JAMbulance power is included if needed. But plug-in power is suggested to eliminate having to idle the diesel engine or generator.

3. Equipment: Client shall be responsible for ensuring that all event attendees treat the NPDJ and any equipment on-site with respect. In the event that an attendee acts in a manner which the NPDJ judges to be dangerous, threatening, or inappropriate, the NPDJ agrees to provide the Client with one opportunity to correct the behavior. If the problem persists, the NPDJ may, without warning, cease providing DJ services and vacate the event. If this occurs, the Client will be responsible for full payment of the fees listed in this contract without exception. No music will be played of cell phones or flash drives or CDs. Microphone access is limited to people listed and agreed to by client. Musical requests and do-not-play are at the client’s discretion. Music deemed inappropriate will not be played at NPDJ’s discretion.

4. In the case of: personal property destruction of NPDJ ’s equipment or theft, the client will take responsibility for their actions to the full extent of the law. The client must fully disclose any and all information to aid in identifying the culprit.

5. If something hinders NPDJ ’s ability to perform due to mechanical or electronic failure, electrical requirement problems, including acts of God, with the performance area, outside of the purchaser’s control and/or NPDJ’s control: NPDJ may choose to refund some of your money, within 5 business days. The JAMbulance may not always be available at the time of the event, by NPDJ will make every attempt to perform regardless.

6. Satisfied: If the purchaser is not satisfied with NPDJ ’s music requests requested in advance, behavior, sound quality, lighting/effects expectations or any other related to our performance. The purchaser must notify Rob Jackson before the contracted performance time is over. The purchaser and Rob Jackson will discuss the disagreements and resolve it as quickly as possible with a win, win solution. No Full Refunds.

7. Liability: NPDJ does carry general liability insurance. However, NPDJ cannot be held responsible for loss of hearing, damage to ears permanent or temporary, seizures due to lights and effects, for fire or bodily harm. (Music will only be played at a reasonable level, and with respect to quality of sound.) NPDJ cannot be liable for personal injury around the equipment at anytime. Neighborhood complaints are directed towards the hiring party. NPDJ cannot be held responsible for violations of noise ordinances or nuisance violations. Hiring party is still responsible for payment in full if event is shut down or cancelled within an hour of the event. Booking with the JAMbulance is not guaranteed. You will not be charged if the JAMbulance is unable to perform due to mechanical or other incident.

8. Cancellations, including inclement weather cancellations, must be made no less than 1 hour prior. This contract cannot be canceled or modified except in writing and agreed upon by both DJ and Client. Deposit is non-refundable for cancellations initiated by Client. If the DJ cannot perform, an appropriate replacement will be arranged. If a replacement performer cannot be arranged, the DJ will refund the deposit in full. Rescheduling of events shall be accommodated whenever possible and are subject to availability.

9. Deposit: The purchaser agrees to pay Rob Jackson a $100 deposit for reservation of the above date listed to which NPDJ will perform. (Due on the day this contract is signed.) Cancellations are accepted at any time. The $100 deposit is non-refundable. You can transfer (one time) your deposit towards another available date in the future.

10. Balance Due: The purchaser agrees to pay Rob Jackson the remaining balance any time before the performance ENDS. After which this time a $5 dollar late fee will be charged for every day after the performance, until the full balance has been paid off. After one month, the balance and additional fees will be submitted to small claims court.

11. I (both parties) have read the above contract and understand and agree to abide and enforce them. Both parties must cross out any exclusion and initialized. Online bookings are agreed to by receiving the confirmation of the deposit.

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