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Sights, Sounds, Memories and the Chicken Dance


DJ Services

Professional DJ for 25+ years. He brings great experience to every type of event: dances, picnics, car shows, fund raisers and parties.

Wedding Services

Everything from the wedding ceremony music, to the wedding reception. We make sure your day is memoriable and fun.



 Check to see if your date is available

• Choose the Package that you want

• Call Us at (260) 478-4567 to verify that your date is available and ask as many questions as you want.

• Download a Contract

• Mail in your contract with $100 deposit.

• In about a week you'll receive a confirmation letter and a copy of your contract with our signature on it.


The meeting can be at your place, our place, or somewhere in between. You can either prepare ahead of time, or we’ll make it up as we go. The reason we meet a month ahead instead of sooner is so that you have a clear sense of how your day will work. It will happen really fast so this way you can prepare for it.

• Formal Dances (First Dance, Father Daughter, Mother Groom, Wedding Party)

• General Requests (10-15 Songs is a great sample)

• Not To Play Songs (Specific or Genre)

• A Simple Time Table or order of events

• List of other events, Dollar Dance/Dash, Bouquet and Garter.

• Toasts, confirm who are doing them, who needs help and how many.

• When do you want your DJ to end? Plan it now, so you know who needs to know.


Get plenty of sleep if you can. Eat breakfast. You will get very cranky if you’re hungry.

• Be sure your wedding party is aware of the timetable for the day. Let them help you stick to it. A late person in the wedding party makes an angry bride.

• Don’t let your guests wait a long time for you to arrive at your reception. A fashionably late entrances should be no more than 30 minutes. Hungry guests get cranky too.

• It’s your party. But it isn’t good etiquette to get smashed at your wedding reception – that was what the bachelor and bachelorette partieswere for.

• You may pay the balance anytime that night. We accept personal checks, credit cards and cash. If you need an additional hour, please let us know within the last hour of our performance.

All types of events